August 24, 2011

the going on's at home again

we did get three young chickens from a good friend, his hen hatched the three in april and it turned out that two are roosters and will be with us just for a while and the thirds is a hen, she will stay with the big two year old's. thank you b for the life stock you provided to our city dwelling.

the flowers in the bed in front of our house is in full bloom, i love the mix, wild and unruly. i got the seeds in a little tin from my mother. she collected them last summer and kept them, we love them now.

while baking two apple tarts for dinner thea and i snacked on fresh raspberries, o such a yummy treat, of course the rest of the gang quickly came running and loving them too

dinner is out side, it's just really mid summer here, warm if not hot and under our chestnut tree is the perfect place to catch a little breeze and some good shade for each and every meal. we all don't mind carrying everything outside it's so much better being out there as sitting around the dinner table in a hot kitchen

while baking apple tarts i used the opportunity to bake tomorrows snacks. the kids do take a little snack along for mid morning recess, to keep their energy level up until noon, when they come home for lunch. most often they take either a fruit or crackers and cheese, tomorrow is a treat little cheese quiches

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