August 8, 2011

the week in the mountains

it was just wonderful to be up there high up in the mountains, surrounded by mountains, sunshine, rain and fresh air. in those moments i feel like i do really belong here and do not miss the ocean one bit...

it is a grand view we had from the garden of the guest house.

and o those mowed and hayed pastures, we were two days too late to see them still in full bloom. but never the less, it is spectacular the structure of the mountain is wonderful

and yes we got some hot spills, where water was the solution and enjoyment of all

walking, hiking, snacking, laughing, dreaming and enjoying the company of friends

it's good to keep the scenery in my memory, to recall those special "clouds" rising from the valley bottoms to up and then vanish into thin air

a little bit of first of august fire works, o how we all loved the magic matches! and of course we all had fun to count the mountain top fires, and brisk air, and a good ice creme

the drawings of the rock, seen so clearly and so beautifully over and over all around.

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Emerald Hills said...

I live in a small town called Woodland park in Colorado. The motto/saying here is we are the town above the clouds. We really do mean it. You can literally walk into the clouds just by walking down the hill. I LOVE it so much. To just watch the clouds roll in over the hills. So pretty.