September 7, 2011

the garden bounty

it is late summer and all the wonderful veggies and flowers are in full swing, we get cherry tomatoes by the bucket, eat zucchini in every possible form, from cake to latkes, grilled, in mixed salads, stuffed with lentils, cooked spicy and my friend is planning to put some away in jars pickled sweat and sour...

the zinnia in front of our house are in full bloom, and i love them. the more i cut the more flowers appear

meat loaf for lunch, old bread in milk with ground chicken and beef mixed, egg and lots of herbs. of course garlic and onion, salt and ground pepper

a full oven for lunch, baking at once potato casserole and meat loaf. o yes and then i also served some green bean salad, yummy. i love to cook, i love to try out things and i'm gratefuller for all my 10 people sitting at the lunch table today and savoring it.

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