September 19, 2011

the weekend in the country

we are again and again aware of being city dwellers, some days i would love to just run away and don't worry about anything or anyone around the house in our city...
as for the moment the roosters (two of them) are getting louder, they discovered their voices and at the latest at 7am it's getting loud behind our house. not all my neighbors like this, so we have to come up with a solution for the situation within the next two weeks.

this past weekend was spent at my parents. with the special event of the cow pageant going on. i don't feel particularly close to the town i went to school the people i was in school with. no they mostly don't recognize me anymore and neither do i. but the kids as we all i, love seeing the way they keep the traditions. we love going there for the "viehschau". most of the farmers bring their best cows to the town grounds some of the farmers get all dressed up in traditional cloths and bring their cow's to the show in traditional fashion, like my grandpa did many many years ago.

and then of course in the rink, those ladies are getting ranked and praised for their looks as well as the milk they produce.

and the farmers kids have their own place in the rink. they present their calf with a verse or a song. and of course this all is so well worth the labor and moments of being nervous. a big junk of work has being done by all the family members, especially the wife's and mothers of those families.

never the less it's end of summer and it's getting cooler and wetter. the girls were not to be kept indoors, all three had to get out and enjoy the moment

while the boys stayed indoors and kept on doing some geometry, math and colouring mandalas. a busy and very enjoyable weekend. thank you mam and pa for hosting us once more, we love to stay at your place.

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