September 8, 2011

the first apple slices of the season

our apple trees are in a little corner, a bit out of the way. it's a scenic little spot and every time i stop by i have to look up there to the castle tower of the "moersburg"

the trees are laden with apples, three are boskop and one is a "sauergrauech" (an old kind of apple which has it's home in the bernese part of switzerland, very well known for its high content of juice mostly used for cyder, as it is very tart)

the boskop is probably the best know cider apple, also excellent for cooking and drying. right now there are just few of the fruit fallen

i collect them and use them up as we go, dried apple slieces, apple sauce, apple cake apple what ever

the first load of slices in the oven to be dried, and yes friends we will bring you some, you know who you are. i'm so happy to carry them along on our travels across the ocean in october!

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