September 5, 2011


it has been a good and vibrant couple days. sometimes saturdays feel more like a beehive than anything else around the house. this saturday was quiet in it's own way, our family was home alone, that's very seldom but it does happen once in a blue moon. it also was unexpected and we did enjoy it. the wonderful weather invited us to get some chores done in the backyard. the two "kornelkirschstraeucher" needed to go... too much shade and really not much use for the garden. we will be planting some other shrubs and i'm sure the apple tree is much happier now.

our neighbor stopped by to see and help with work in the garden and she also brought a very delicious watermelon. yummy treat in the heat, thank you m for being such a caring neighbor.

and then there was the reopening of our neighborhood library. of course amos was spending lots of time at "roessligass", there was the opening reception, a comic reading performance (very very good presentation of "lucky luke and the psycho doc" with guitar music. and of course spending some time reading in the renovated building. it is a wonderful place, it's historic and modern apearance is inviting. and there is a cafe added in the "living room" of the library. i'm sure i will tell a bit more in the future.

the late afternoon was spent with joel's parents, swimming in the toess and picnicking at it's banks (toesstal, the valley at our doorsteps). it is such a treat living close to family. over and over again we do take advantage of this, as we are very aware that we missed out on this while living in boston for over a decade.

of course music was being made and even elias our robin hood had to try his new bow. that bow was the result of our cutting down a hazel bush alongside the kornelkirschen in the afternoon.

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