September 13, 2011

no cooking today

with elias at camp (from school with his class, up in the mountains), naomi and amos doing a one day hike with all the kids from their school house, thea and i decided to go out and about.
although there were those started pants for naomi, i could not just run away. so i finished them up, only leaving the little task of putting an elastic in tonight when the girl is present to try them on.

the sky is blue and the bike with trailer ready, so we biked into the city. the library was on our schedule, the museum for applied arts, the time piece collection and a stop at the music shop notenpunkt and lunch at the "Grand Cafe de Musee"

coming home, having a sleeping child in the trailer and sitting on the front steps of the house, enjoying the flowers and feeling so free to do and not to do. i love today. i love those moments of being a mama to school aged kids being at school, knowing they love it there too.
i do not get those "not doing anything" moments, it's part being me, seeing what needs to be done at any given time. it's harvest time, apples having to be cut and dried, italien plums arriving tomorrow....
such is my life and i love it fully and enjoy it totally.

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