September 14, 2011

this afternoon in our garden

there has been lots going on in our garden...
just a few days ago we got rid of two "kornel kirsch" trees and i was starting to turn the soil and take out as many roots as possible. then today we got a rototiller and worked the soil. it was a hard job, but together we managed. and we did have the chickens absolutely loving our work. as well as a fascinated bystander...
and the chicken's will have even more fun as soon as the grass will be growing, o yes we will have our own little chicken pasture!

and an hour later 60 people arrived and enjoyed a neighborhood party more then half of them kids, lots of fun and wonderful food. we will do it again.
i'm tired and will roll into bed in a few minutes. it was a good day.

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Emerald Hills said...

looks like it all came together.