May 24, 2017

early summer bloom

my neighbors garden is in full bloom right now. and the best of it is, i see it and enjoy it and love it as the view out of my kitchen window. right above the sink, just lifting my head and looking out into my neighbors garden, it takes me away into a different world. i need it and i love it and thanked my neighbor for having such a great garden. it feels as if it is only there for me. of course my elderly neighbor takes well care and it is absolutely hers and she loves her garden too. but, i love to soak it up and in enjoy each moment of it.

many colors of columbine and the bright margaritas, are wonderful. there is also that poppy "field", bright red, it's popping open more every day. the days have been warm lately and sunny and yes it feels like early summer. the farmers cut the grass to make hay this past few days. after a very rainy and rather cold late april and early may, it is perfect and lovely now. the geranium in my balcony planters are enjoying the temperatures too and i already have to carry water up the stairs every day.
i don't mind though, it's good for my biceps and overall fitness, up the stairs to the second floor balcony with 10l on each side...

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