May 1, 2017

1st of May 

it is the first of may, and in most places around the world, this is workers day (i know, in the US you have labor day sometime in september....), never mind, i'm well aware that you are not a socialist country, and don't want to be one. maybe i do underestimate, but i have to smile while thinking, that switzerland has the first of may off from work. as we are not socialists but definitely like to have a diverse body of citizens and some of them celebrate and are on the streets today.
i use the day off for some good and quiet hours of sewing, naomi's skirt is done and A's target quilt is being quilted.....

and then there is the above political message. i do feel strongly about not privatizing hospitals and that's why i post this on my blog. yup, in general i do not post to much politics, but this time it has to be, as some folks want to privatize our hospital. they really think they can run it more effective and serve the people better that way. i very much doubt that and feel like, i have to speak up and get the people to the voting booths in three weeks!

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