May 3, 2017

loving the green

we got a big bag (big as really big) of spinach. it had to be washed and prepared and sauteed and enjoyed. though first i was looking at the bag and thinking of ways i could come up to prepare this load of lovely green. though it ended up, not being a big load, but rather just a nice dinner for the 12 of us at the table. i was surprised at the "little" amount which we had to, or rather could eat. it was lovely and elias was remarking, how he really likes this spinach, even though in the past he didn't like that green vegetable at all.

that makes my heart jump and leap. i remember very well the time, when i didn't like spinach at all. and then it all took a turn. while i was in my late teens, i was eating lunch at my great ant's house, she prepared spinach and fish, every friday for me and herself. i was not enthusiastic about this, but i got to like it and over the course of 3 years, i was so used to it, that i missed it when it was different.
my mom still doesn't prepare spinach frequently, maybe it's because my dad doesn't like it, i don't know. but i will pay more attention to this vegetable and keep sauteing, cooking and preparing it in all kinds of ways. maybe the other three kids will start liking it too!

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