May 8, 2017

lots of bloom

there is that wonderful bouquet, which my florist friend dropped off on saturday night, while we were not even home (we were at a wedding, celebrating our neighbors big day). i usually don't like roses that much, but with that soft purple and lilac combination, it is pretty and even smells sweet and soft.

of course there is lots of bloom going on outside. we did have snow a week ago, but lots of flowers recovered, so did our strawberries, as they were somewhat sheltered near the house on our front stairs. i got two kinds. the regular white blooming ones and then some pretty pink ones, i just could not resist them. i really do not even care what kind of berries they will grow, they must be sweet as their blossoms and that will be just perfect with me, or who ever braves themselves to eat from our front steps.

and then, looking up into the sky, what a pretty blooming shrub, or is it a tree? i don't know, i enjoy it regardless of species, it is beautiful and absolutely to be enjoyed. it is spring and bloom all around me, amazing how nature is waking up and life springing up all over, such a blessing.

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