May 9, 2017

the yellow of spring

when i'm out running these days, there is so much life and strong green around me. it feels empowering and life giving. it is nature, creation at it's very strong young life. the late snow has brought it's heavy weight two weeks ago and as the meadows have recovered, other crops have not.
there are many canola fields, which look yellow and in full bloom, but with a closer look, it's all broken off and bent half up the plant. the deep frost and freezing rolling across the area has "burnt" most grape vines, cherrie, wallnut and apricot blossoms and there will be devastating loss for the farmes with these crops. i has been sad to see some apple orchards collapse under the heavy load of snow. and then still it's spring and life is struggling until it awakens and so will be a next years for many of those trees, a next chance to bare fruit once again.

to the theme of yellow. we are living on eggs! there is scrambled eggs, egg benedict, deviled eggs as seen above, fried eggs, hard and soft boiled eggs and i'm tempted to start pickling those bountiful gifts from our chickens...

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