May 16, 2017


my little ranunculus!
my favorite flowers, i guess i can still call Thea a little favorite flower, as the three teenager in our family definitely not would want me to call them so....

just plain fun, how thea is posing for me, and i do love to take photos of her. of course lot's of them i don't show you or anyone else, but now and then i post one. she is happy, playful 8 year old, full of energy and love for others. like the flower, many layers of pedals and colorful at their fringes, that's resembling her in a wonderful and delicate way.
strong willed and loving the adrenalin kick best. not that you see this in the picture above, but i feel it every day and most days i love it a lot. some days are hard and sometimes we both are not working well together. though days like today are more frequent and filled with happiness, play and work, endurance is being trained and she loves it as much as she sometimes is dreaming away in her own world.
it's good to have her, especially as i'm reminded frequently those days, that elias our oldest is truning 18 at the of this month! how could have those years flown by so very quickly! (2008....)

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