May 30, 2017

my crazy hot 10k

yes it has been me, running the 10k at the winterthur marathon event. i know just 10k's in the mid days heat of may the 28th, usually fine and not broiling hot as it was last sunday. the track was for the first half mostly through light forest and then the second 5k's were in the glittering sun (32C). i have not trained in hot weather yet and it totally crushed me. the last 2k's were painful and i helped an other guy to sit down on a bench along the track. but just upon arriving at the finish i collapsed myself.

definitely a new experience.... not one i was looking for or thinking of.
though at least i finished within the possibilities, i guess 51:43. 3rd in my category (overall 19th). though i wanted to beat the 50!

it took me a moment to realize what was going on, a friend of mine was close to the finish and helped me, the first aid helpers were there and i was getting some cool water and isotonic drinks. my friend called joel and then they brought me into a cool resting area. yup, laying on a cot with a drip attached, that was not at all what i expected as a result of the 10k's i ran. though it took me a while, i'm fine again and feel like my own self. and yes will run again and this with lots of joy

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