May 2, 2017

the ride and the sight

a family bike ride over the hills in the toesstal....
we went to visit joel's sister and did so by bike. one way was easy just along the river and at the end 2 minutes up the hill. lots of sunshine and a wonderful chilling afternoon, eating chips and grilling what we brought along and what we were able to find in our hosts kitchen. the three girls were helping and so happy to have the big boys to play with. and to my surprise, i found myself on the warm bench in front of their house, almost falling asleep but not quiet, and totally enjoying the moment of "doing nothing". be still and gather up all the sun and brightness of that spring day.

on the way home, we decided to take the route over the hills. amos could not be not silly, but take the hiking path up, at some place, as it looked like a short cut...
he ended up pushing his bike across a pasture, never the less fun for all!

as well as a gorgeous sunset. we will be riding again and over those so very pretty hills, bringing the mountains close to home, a sense of vacation is flaring up in me.

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