May 31, 2017

turning 18

celebrating late at night is probably just what 18 year olds expect of themselfs and who ever is around to celebrate...

our oldest turned 18 yesterday, what a joy what a blessing to have dessert together and sing for the grown boy! he was home late, not intentionally planned this way, but as he is practicing with a band for a concert (a master student, having to do the conducting of a band and choir, for which elias was asked to play the violin), so he really could not chicken out on this practice. we waited until after 10pm and were all very happy as he came home and have ice creme cake together on this so hot early summer evening.
the plan was to sit outside in the garden, but just a few minutes before he came home it started to rain... it really didn't matter, and rain was very much needed (we have a super dry hot week behind us), i didn't mind to sit down in the kitchen.

o big boy, taller as his mama, speaking with a wonderful deep voice now, we love you. it's fun and mostly exciting to be your mama. some times i have to learn to step back and let you go, to enable you to do your things without me watching or even knowing. i trust you, and yes i'll let you go with a happy heart, certain you know where home is. blessings showered upon you, the Lord keep you and watch over you, what ever is awaiting you around the next corner.

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Unknown said...

Waw, Happy Birthday, dear Elias! All the Muresans are greeting you with a lot of love! May God protect you and keep you as you enter your new story in life!