June 1, 2017


it's hot for late spring, it feels like the middle of summer with temperatures in the high eighties! just the end of may, ups no, the beginning of june!
still it's technically not summer and already so hot. so we are in full swing of eating cold lunches as well as cold supper. lots of green lettuce with fennel, feta and spring onions, radish and those still old but rather sweet carrots. lovely and yummy.
elias started to make his own kind of pasta salads, with sauteed onions and cherry tomatoes (they are grown regional but in green houses....) not that we would need the green house for heat those days....

i love it and dinners are a vegetable event now a days, even though it's just late spring and the harvesting season will be upon us by august... but those spring greens are strong and the kids complain less than other years, i'm thankful and lets hope it stays that way.

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