June 7, 2017

geo path :: mettlen-toos

on the path of early settlers...
late spring in the woods of my childhood, the geo path near schönholzerswilen is an unexpected path for hidden treasures. it is not super spectacular landscape, but it has it's own vistas and hidden treasures. in the rolling hills of eastern switzerland, there have been people building houses and working the land since the 16/17th century bc. findings of early bronze pieces, charred grains and other kinds of items are telling us stories of old.

along that geo path are those big boards with historic facts and interesting information. when we were hiking it just a few days ago, we discovered those dried up springs on most little pine trees.
this happened at the end of april, the latest cold spill in switzerland. it was a really bad one and set nature back to february. there will be no cherries, apricots or other stone fruit in this country, the apple harvest will be reduced to a minimum and as those dried up pine springs tell us, the trees are coping with it their own way. still and quiet, just little new growth if at all.

and while i write those lines, and looked up some creative organic farmers blog, i really had to chuckle and yes got a good laugh (too bad for the english speakers here...) as i want to share his humor with you. and in case you get a chance to try ueli's wine "mariage" you have to, it's a wonderful one, be it the red or the white.

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