June 21, 2017

laundry and strawberries

o the goodness of strawberries, right from the field!
i was out on the field with a friend and picked 14lbs. of course it could easily have been double the lbs, but it started to rain and we ran out of time. my days or so filled up, but i could not say no, when she called on sunday evening, she wanted to take me along on monday morning at 8:15am. of course i can do that, putting one load into the laundry machine at 6:30 before breakfast, hanging up that one and putting the second in at 8 and then the door bell rang for me to jump and go. grabbing a few bowls and buckets a flying skirt and gone for a couple hours...

everyone loved the fresh berries and i managed to put a few containers into the freezer for winter-desserts!

it was a morning well spent and the first load of laundry catching a quick spring rain, maybe just a drizzle, was dry by 4pm. what a happy laundry day, topped off with sweet fruit.

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