June 20, 2017

elder in full bloom

it's elder season and i love it. the scent when running in the morning is wonderful and as the blooming season is long, almost four weeks or so, i enjoy it for a few weeks already.
thinking this year, i would not have the time to steep some cordial, one morning, i just had to collect while on a regular run at the rise of day.

boiling water, adding sugar lemons and citric acid, and then just add the elder flowers and let it sit for two days. covered with a cheese cloth up on the balcony for good sunshine. stirring twice a day and waiting for the flavor and the sparkling to "enter" the sugary water.
it's was absolutely worth while, we served it on saturday, to our house guests, and they as well as our kids and teens loved it.
there is still one person in the family, who is not convinced of this wonderful drink, and i guess i have to give up on this one. he just doesn't like the taste and smells of elder flowers and there i can't help anymore...

one more note:
i have been absent a bit much the last few weeks. life is super busy and school has picked up. two days in school is just a bit much for me. good thing this is over by friday. now all the different recitals and end of school projects and events are catching hold of us, but it's just three more weeks until summer brake!

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