June 12, 2017

on the table

a leisurely afternoon in our garden, joel tending a fire for almost all of the afternoon, the kids jumping on our trampoline resting and playing what ever else. reading and just relaxing. it seemed fitting for a hot sunday in june. school is not out yet, the kids are in school until july 14th and then will be a 5 week summer brake. i know it is very different from the us, and around this time of year, i still feel it and want to give my kids the summer brake already.
though it has not been to hard this year, as we just had two short weeks, one at the beginning of may with ascension thursday and bridging friday. the other one a week ago with pentecost, as the kids got monday off. another 4 weeks and we are through. though a few more tests and a few more special days, school outings and themed learning, sports days and forest days, the teacher really try hard to make it as fun and summery light as possible. and i have to say our kids have not been complaining, so far so good...

after a rather early grill dinner, joel, thea and i went to aclassical concert. the swiss piano trio had an open rehearsal at our church. and after bringing thea to bed it felt right to sit down again with a glass of wine, the two of us and after a moment it became a little party with the boys coming home and other house friends joining us. well that's life together at it's best!

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