May 15, 2017

drama in the sky

we had some spectacular clouds in the sky on saturday as well as sunday evenings. saturday was full of rainbows, two at one time and one of them was very clear and had a double showing. as you might expect, i absolutely didn't mind being on the bike riding toward the rainbow in a sprinkle of rain showers. it was all worth it and even thea was pedaling fine and enjoying the ride too. no pictures of the colorful installation, nature put up for us.
though then again yesterday, those clouds where just accumulating, moving and towering up. i love the cumulus formations, they are so dramatic and the power of wind and heavy clouds can not just be seen but really felt in the air.

that's a bit how my life is feeling too. lots of stuff going on, not threatening, not angst ridden or pushy, but lots and big things are being thought through by joel and me. it is of course as exciting and joy filled as it is big with ups and downs and turmoils. pulling and pushing around us.
maybe one day i will write it down here, maybe not, it's all too early and too emotional to take you on that ride. no added drama needed here....

drama in the sky is perfect and absolutely enjoyable!

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