March 3, 2011

"chnoeopfli" for lunch

we have guests from america at the moment, so i'm trying to do some traditional swiss cooking....
today it was "chaes-chnoepfli" literally translated "cheese-buttons"!
o well i can tell you right up, we all loved it including our friends! the preparation is pretty simple though involving a bit more cooking as i usually do for lunch.

the flour i use to make "chnoepfli" (or so called "spaetzli", those are not quiet the same, as if you would eat either elbow pasta or noodles) is a semolina flower, add eggs, salt and milk (water).

the dough has to rest and then be put through a special board with holes, this makes the shape of the chnoepfli. the "chnoepfli" have to boil over for just a moment and then be placed in a buttered casserole.

onions cut

and sauteed

bacon or ham cut in cubes and sauteed
top the chnoepfli in the casserole with onion, bacon and cheese. put it in the oven for just another 5-10 minutes to melt the cheese and brown it.

yummy we all love this dish with a big bowl of salad and a glass of apple cider!


Alicia said...

This brings back deliciously happy memories, Daniela! Thanks for putting so much effort into treating us Americans with your amazing cooking!

affectioknit said...

It's so nice to have company around the table...

becoming claudine said...

This looks wonderful...your photos capture the food so beautifully and the last one around the table is very sweet!