March 24, 2011

a sunny spring day

there is lots going on indoors as well as out of doors...

i'm working on a second table runner. it's fun sewing and i'm so excited, the one i made last week is already in the mail to my sisters house, she has a birthday coming up soon.

i love the flowers on my living room table, they are bright yellow and in my mind the ultimate sign of spring being in the air.

out of doors it's busy too, the chickens run wild and love to peck around the garden. there must be tons of fresh things to be found for our "gourmessas"

the primroses are now all over the place in our garden. one more sign of coloure in spring.

yup a sick boy, he has a bad headache and we are not quite sure why...
a cooling ice pack and closing the eyes is helping a bit for the moment.

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