March 31, 2011

what i love now

there are some thing's closely related to springtime, which i love and treasure right now. and other things don't depend so much on seasons, but i still love and enjoy them. also am i trying to focus a bit more on the bright side of life... and spring is a good season to get started with this undertaking.
i realized a while ago, that i often don't do justice to the kids request of wanting to talk or explain something to me. i often peck on the folks around me, if they don't do their chores on time or to my liking, what ever it is, i really want to change this attitude and be more encouraging and supporting of others. lets see, here is a start:

::the first blossoms in and around the house
::the strong spring sun

::started a new knitting project, "three sisters scarfs"
::sewing one more table runner
::watching thea ride her like a bike around the house

::listening to amos playing boogie on the piano
::enjoying a cup of tea with feet up
::having a good evening with joel practicing on the bass

::working on some forest contributions to "forest, for the trees"
:: tutoring my neighbors daughter with her english


affectioknit said...

Lovely spring flowers...spring still seems so far away here...your scarf looks lovely!

becoming claudine said...

Oh, gratitudes are always so so good for the soul!