March 14, 2011

spring around the house

sunshine and longer days and much warmer air has been such a welcome change in the past few days. finally on friday we got to plant all the bulbs. i'm very much looking forward to april, and am sure we will see many tulips and daffodills which is such a change to last years look. i didn't even dare to take a photo, it was all over grown with weeds and grass....i little bit of prairie i guess.

naomi was a busy helper digging and planting

thea is not to stop from riding her own bicycle

first thing upon arriving home after school, snack

second lots of playing, here a game of wok-ball behind the house, both boys could not be happier than playing in the sunshine, what ever kind of creative game they come up with!
it's good that the days get longer again and the sun rays warmer. i love the arrival of spring and the energy is coming back, making me itch to work in the garden, to hang laundry in the back yard once more. i'm happy for the season of spring being upon us now.

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