March 22, 2011

chopping alongside

of course, if mama is chopping away in the kitchen, thea has chop too. at any given time i'm taking a knife out of the drawer, she gets her stepping stool and very hastily finds a pairing knife in the drawer too. she has learned by now, that she is not allowed to use my vegetable knife...

after i have cut the patatoes for lunch, she was more than happy to use the board and "her" knife to cut an apple into bite size pieces for her morning snack.

i have fallen in love with the black and white photos over the past few days. don't know yet when i will get back to colour, maybe when some more flowers are in bloom. i guess spring will force me back to it and that's fine with me.


Pumpkin Pie Baby said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog for this moment. I had to comment on this post. This is really the sweetest group of pictures I've seen in a while. Those little hands are too precious!

Anita said...

love the pictures

how old is your daughter? do you cook with her?

My daughter is 2 and I'm looking for recipes that we can cook together.