March 17, 2011

today was indoors

after a week of sunshine and warmth, we are now hitting a few days of rainshowers and cooler temperatures. this is perfect, the planted bulbs will enjoy some fresh water and grow stronger.
i also have been focusing on morning prayers in this season of lent. not every morning it is an early prayer, but it does take place in the mornings. frequently with thea on my lap, she has almost gotten used to sit still. it has been good for me to keep this act of settling down for a moment in my daily routine.
baking and cooking have also been done lately, it feels so good to be able to prepare warm meals when the days are cooler, tonight is cheese quiche.
the girl has been busy with organizing her play dates and going to friends, she is such a happy person and loves to be around people.

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becoming claudine said...

These black and white photos are lovely Nela!

I like your comments on the morning prayers, I often find I don't pray in the morning because of the busy-ness with the kids, but maybe including them would make a difference (for us all.)