March 27, 2011

winding wool

it has been a while, since i started to look for a wool winder. i remembered exactly how that wooden wonder looked, as my mom used to have and use one. i still see it in front of me and us kids playing with it, o well my mom's winder is no longer alive and i got told in a couple yarn stores, that they do not have any to sell or know of a manufacturer...
and then i remembered the special glass cabinet, which is a wonderful treasure chest in the guest room of my mother in law. and yes she is a generous woman and she let me lend the winder. we had fun and it worked so perfectly well to get the yarn ready for knitting.

i will be "hunting" for such a wool winder this coming flea market season

and yes the yarn is just so wonderful a 90% superwash merino (+10%nylon), perfect for socks. it's by main based enchanted knoll, a little homestead which is off the grid and farm by solar electricity. i think i found them via etsy a few years ago, so here we go, finally i got going. i loved the yarn to just look at and enjoy the strand the way it was...

>>this morning elias had to discover that one of his hens died over night, we all are said and puzzled by this event<<

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