July 21, 2015

all green

:: in front of our house
it's the green of my tomato plants and even the tomatoes will stay green, these are my green zebras. they do well and enjoy our wonderful hot and dry july weather. i'm watering every day, a good thing we have a hose right there, close to the plants. hauling all the water in watering cans would be too much for me. there is more green out front, the fig tree is full of fruit and has a lush foliage. i'm waiting and looking forward to harvest the fruit, a couple more weeks and the sweetness will be ready to eat.

 :: in the house
yesterday morning i got a bunch of wild flowers, i love these cow parsley. i just found out the english name for "kerbel". they stand in a vase on our living room table and i stand still to look at them. it's almost magic, a bit of wild and green.

:: behind our house
is our pool set up. i don't particularly like this algae green. it has been too hot over the past week and we didn't catch it right at it's onset, so we are now fighting algae. elias has been vacuuming the pool floor after we used some chemicals. i'm so hesitant with that algaecide though we will treat it once or twice and keep the water until the end of the season (maybe end of august...)
the kids and some other water loving folks don't mind it too much, the green look of our pool water. it's the not so pleasant green, if you ask me.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

We had a horrible time with algae in our pool last summer but we've been lucky so far this year. Lots of time is being spent in it with our temps rising into the 90's earlier this week. It's cooling off a bit now but still in the high 80's. I hope you're enjoying your summer!! xo

~ Wendy