July 1, 2015

rhubarb :: the beautiful

i just could not say anything else to this wonderfully colored veggie. though right up first, sorry for no picture of the baked pastry... they didn't stay around long enough for me to catch.
i got an second big bunch of rhubarb from a neighbor and quickly had to caramelize some sugar for the rhubarb stew. a whole wheat puffy pastry dough was the base layer for this little treat. packed into the pocked is some rhubarb stew, the rhubarb is not too soft, just to the bite. a table spoon of sour creme, some bourbon vanilla was packed into the pastry besides the rhubarb stew.
the pocked was closed and a pink of brown sugar for garnish, into the oven and 20 minutes later everyone standing around tried the treat.

with the next batch of rhubarb i will bake a linzer tart....

there are more red currents on my neighbors bushes and i'm trying out an electric juicer, more when there is something to show for.

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