July 10, 2015

fun with M

our friend from the US is staying with us for 10 days. it is so much fun to have him here, lots to talk and laugh, refreshing our memories, as we lived together for a good long while, when we were in JP. good times then and even more so now. Joel and the girls took him to the Rhine fall, for a little hike, a spontaneous visit in Germany and then to Schaffhausen.
its a sad, that joel and naomi have already left for boston, as we do miss them. the kids last day of school was today and there will be a little celebration tonight. ice creme and some drinks, who knows what else...

amos will leave for a week long camp with the scouts, going with the bike and living in tents for a week, out in the woods somewhere in the rural parts of zurich. he is very much looking forward to it, and i'm looking forward to help him pack, that is usually very special and fun. a tiny bit stressful, mostly for amos, as i'm particular about how he should pack :)
maybe there is an anecdote tomorrow...

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