July 14, 2015

küsnachter tobel

we went on a day trip yesterday, a little hike which naomi did with her third grade class a few years back. it was wonderful, and a bit adventurous, as we traveled by train, ship and forchbahn. a quick tour at rapperswil was also done, it is a pretty little town and has such nice views from the lindenhügel.

the küsnachter tobel is said to be a pretty place, and we discovered that it was not just beautiful but it is super interesting, in regards to geology.
there is a rock garden at the beginning, right after the town of küsnacht. wonderful and super interesting to see the big rocks. the path is winding it's way once right then again left of the brook. many bridges and places tempting to step into the water, fish and lots of "steinmannli"

of course, there was ice creme at the end, and it was even fair trade ice creme. not anything less than ben and jerry's! a good day it was.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Looks like a beautiful day!! I love the rock sculptures!! I see them often around here and love that people take the time to create a simple yet so pretty work of art. : ) xo

~ Wendy