July 9, 2015

hot and lazzy

the weather has been super hot in he mid to high nineties, which is rare for switzerland. lots of people don't like it that hot, but we enjoy it. sitting and sipping lemonade, swimming in the pool and enjoying the shady areas in our backyard.
we had guests coming over to enjoy the pool, though the water was already very warm, the kids absolutely liked it, they stayed over 2h in it! good for them and even better for us. the grown ups, really didn't feel like moving at all. so we lounged in the shade of the hazel bush and it was good. wonderful cake and cold drinks, not that i got to stitch very much, but some how i just needed it to be close by as i really like looking at those pretty little pieces of fabric.

there will be more stitching, more sitting in the shade and more enjoying in the weeks to come. vacation has really started now, with naomi and joel on their way to boston as i type these lines...

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