July 30, 2015

halfway through the year

at the beginning of the year, i sat down and jotted down a few points, rather say i wrote a list with things i wanted to do, get done and enjoy. things to make and be a attentive about. it works well for me, i love lists. it is in the middle of summer, the first longish heat wave is over and it was really nice. i loved the hot days and even warm nights, there should be more of them. as for the moment, it is a bit fresh for july. though thea still eats ice creme like a pro.
we have also had a good first part of this summer, with leisure days, some more reading and lots of delicious food. as for today, there is a crate of zucchini and two crates of apples, a smaller crate of tomatoes and a big celery root waiting to be prepared and pickled and put into jars for keeping, and i'm all excited to get the stove "fired up"

1. sit down a moment a day with a cup of tea
- most days i'm doing this, though it's not a habit yet

2. learning to play the ukulele
- i started and am able to play two or three songs, not there yet

3. quilt the long ago sandwiched granny square lap quilt
4. knit a leksak for thea and maybe one for myself...
- unwound the almost done leksak as it didn't fit

5. finish the golden shawl (i started three years ago)
6. some more free form art stitching for little frames
- there have been attempts and little things, it's fun

7. run 25 plus kilometers a week
- so far so good, right on track

8. doodle and do little drawing exercises a couple times a week
9. sew a pair of pajamas for each child with brushed cotton
10. go on a two or three day hike with joel
- not even planned yet...

11. do cross country skiing during winter brake
- no there was no cross country skiing, but lot's of down hill and a lot of fun in the snow last winter

12. work through the book "sehen lernen", by cora banek and use it while taking pictures
13. read a book a month
- a history of the world in 100 objects
- generous justice, how God's grace makes us just
- half the sky
- geschichte des balkans

14. try out linoleum printing
15. practice some story telling with the kids and hand puppets
- for the sunday kids group i used a hand puppet squirrel to tell the miracles of jesus, it was wonderful and "fredi" has become a favorite among the kids

16. sit in the sun for moments at a time, when ever possible
- and i do, i have my own sun chair now...

17. say more yes to the kids
18. have one on one time with each child more often (especially the older ones, when it has to be planned and it doesn't just happen)
- with thea this works out well, with naomi more or less, with amos almost inexistent, with elias we have been doing fine

19. go out for dinner with friends
- yes we are doing ok on this one, january once, march twice, april twice, july twice

20. support the kids in their adventures, even if i'm not seeing the reason or goal as clear as they do
- this seems to come along fine, just today the boys went on a one day trip to a fun park and i didn't give them a hard tie...

21. practice the daily eucharisteo
- evenings have been really good for me
22. going on saturday hikes with naomi regularly
- we went in january, february was more of a train ride only, and since then we missed out on it

23. inviting joel for a dinner out with good friends
- done once, there will be at least one more time

24. work through my closet and give away what ever i have not been wearing in the past 12 months
25. think twice about shopping new clothes, even if i go to th
- i got a new dress from the second hand store, i thought i needed new underwear but then it turned out to be an absolute unwearable two pairs. i guess i can say, so good so far, not easy for me to hold on to this one...

and i do want to add a few more ideas::
26. be more inventive in regards to vegetarian cooking
27. keep thursday afternoons open for crafting
28. sew a skirt for myself and a dress for naomi and one for thea

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