July 28, 2015


 there are so many words allowing me to express the plenty or lavish amounts of the "things" we have. be it only, when we see the cups and bowels in our cupboards. not to mention all the food right now in the garden as well as at the market ending up on our tables. never ever had a member of my family to suffer hunger, not even a tiny little bit.
and then also making things, crafting and taking time to enjoy the making. we made soap balls, different flavors and herbs were used, all plentiful and fragrant and luscious to work with. in such good company with friends sitting around the table and working together, relish in the communal work. and at the end, being able to give it all away. very pleasing for me, to have this opportunities and a friend who instructed me in the craft of it.
what you not see here, we also made lip balm heating up bees wax, cocoa butter, almond oil and jojo, ba joil, and then filling it up into little tins. something i will be doing again with the girls. it was much fun and i'm sure it will be appreciated by my friends, as it is done without any color pigments (which are usually plastic particles)...
well there is a lot to learn from my friend d, who makes soap and more of all the natural cosmetics. i even got my shampoo soap, and i like it.

and then after all the working and making, there is more, there seems to be an invinite amount of sunshine this summer, and i love it, all of it!

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