June 25, 2015

on the field

i was out on the field strawberrie picking this morning. and boy how i love the harvest, such wonderful fruit and they taste great, it's not just the color which is wonderful, but there is not a lot right now, which can top that little red fruit.
and then after processing 3kg of the berries, pairing and putting them in the freezer, the doorbell rang.
i was not expecting anyone and to my surprise a friend was standing there, arms full with two big bowls of red currents! it is a wonderful season, a wonderful gift the berries are for us, and i already put 1kg of the red currents in the freezer as well just minutes ago. tomorrow there will be jelly cooking and tart baking and smoothies and what ever else i can think of. because, my neighbor just told me yesterday, that i should come over and harvest her red currents from the two big bushes she has. she doesn't like those sour berries...
guess i'm not writing tomorrow, i'm putting berries away! with love, with joy, with lots of gratitude.

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