June 9, 2015

love for books

the library is still a frequently visited place. thea loves it and more than once she went without me going along. it's not far from our house, 5 minutes including the crossing of a major street (there is a pedestrian walkway). we have been reading lots of the 'little house on the prairie' lately, both of us like the stories with the ingalls family and we even started watching the series...

out side it has gotten into a rainy stretch, after almost two weeks of sunshine and really hot weather it is great to have some rainy droopy days. good for mother nature and it gives me the chance to pick up on indoor chores, which i have mostly neglected lately! o there is a stash of superwash merino, there are card board stars on my craft table wanting to be painted with glow in the dark paint (for a childrens play we are putting up in our church). paper cups and a bucket of concrete is waiting to be used to make planters for lots of little succulents. there is a little creative quilt in my head, though to work those images into real life, it will take an afternoon of quiet and a wonderful jar of iced coffee!

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Autumn M said...

library days are staples around here.
i've been thinking to start my girl on 'little house on the prairie' books.