June 22, 2015

celebrating E

a gathering of family and friends to celebrate the confirmation of our oldest son. it's hard to belief, he turned 16 three weeks ago and got confirmed yesterday. a wonderful moment for me and all the guests to celebrate and show him our love. to come together, enjoy the friendship and support.
it was moving me to tears, as he was standing up and humbly witnessed his faith in the Lord, in front of the congregation. telling us that he chose proverbs 16:9 'a man's hearth deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps.' for this occasion.

it has been a roller coaster and growing experience for him, all that happened the past few months. his life has taken a turn, as his hope and dream of becoming a classical ballet dancer, investing all his time and energy for the past 31+ years into dance. he didn't get accepted into professional training and has to reorient from scratch.
though it showed me, that he is much farther in the process of accepting and letting go, then i expected him to be. growing in personality and trust into the Lord. it still brakes my heart, as i write this.
knowing a bit more about life and having lived through moments and stretches of broken dreams and an uncertain future.
well he has told us all, especially me, that there is just one thing: 'trust and obey, there is no other way' a hymn we have been singing a lot as of late.

this was a bit of a deeper insight into my heart, our daily life. it is good to be able to be true and in all of this i know i'm growing deeper in understanding and closer to my Lord and Savior.
It is also a wonderful thing to experience, how the kids care about each other and suffer when one is hurt.

we definitely enjoyed yesterday not just being together, laughing, encouraging and catching up on stories past. but looking forward, eating yummy dessert and most of us where just taken by the appreciation each person has for elias. there were many details which made yesterday very special. the wonderful 'cake-violin' was just one of many very special presents!

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Kids are so much more resilient then we give them credit for. Congrats on your son's confirmation. It looks like a wonderful celebration. xo

~ Wendy