June 17, 2015

where the wild things are

i was at kindergarten the past days and helped with a project. spending the days out of doors with 'the wild things'. the kindergarten teacher was so well prepared and brought us into the woods to live in the wild and get a bit of a feel for the wild things (in german it's called 'wo die wilden kerle wohnen'). it is one of my favorite books, i do remember having the second grade teacher reading it to us... and now i could help the kinder-gardeners to get a bit of a glimpse about the wild things.
i wanted to take more photos, but then figured, it would just not fit. so i did not take one photo, while working with the kids and experiencing the story.
i went back to our tree trunk, where our 'wilde kerle' wohnen. a wonderful idea to get the kids going with clay. the teacher dug the clay herself in a brook near by. the kneading was tough for the little hands, but with some help and the idea of throwing the ball a few times onto the ground, picking it up and throwing it again, it softened.
of course there were many aspects to the program, musical instruments were played to accompany the travels of max. some group experience with a big junk of clay, and the children would take turns shaping and reshaping, changing and working it over again and again. i was surprised how smooth and dynamic it all went, as i expected some disagreement about changing ones work through new ideas by each child. it didn't happen, it was very pleasant and wonderful to watch the process.

so here i am, with the wild things, a day later, i had to go back and take a few pictures, love them!

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