June 2, 2015

looking back

this is a moment of retrospect...

it was the weekend, or better said, it was our sunday. as for me, i was running (as fast as i could), a 10k, something i was looking forward to for a while and having the race in town was just super convenient for me. even though i needed a bit of  organizing to make the schedule work for all of us. starting out with me leading the kids program at church in the morning, a quick change of clothes at home and hopping on the bike to ride into town. joel took care of lunch for him and the kids, and got all of them motivated to come and cheer for me. just about the half way point the whole crew showed up on the side and hollered and handed me a drink of water.
from then on, they all raced their bikes along the course, at least one of the kids was cheering and encouraging me to just keep going fast, and that i will make it...

and yes, i made it. i'm happy with a 10k time of 50:48, and running a wonderful course! (it's the second half of the round course for the marathon)

and then on it went, quickly home and freshen up, as soon thereafter elias' birthday guests arrived. our oldest son turned 16 years old, what a big boy. friends and grandparents came for dessert and we enjoyed a most wonderful sunny sunday afternoon.

dinner was coincidental, joel wanted to grill and it was for a change just us, the little family of 6! even that was nice for a change. and think elias really appreciated the fact, that it was just us. of course including funky amos

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Congrats!! That's quite an accomplishment and you should be very proud of yourself. : )

~ Wendy