June 4, 2015

being international

it is wonderful to be part of an international community. and even more to be able to host an international party at our community house. well, it happen again, the celebration of our 'nachbarfest', as the years before, we invited lots of families and many of them showed up and even brought their friends too. not just joined they all the big party, but everyone was contributing to the dinner table. mama mia!
food from all nations for over 100 people, this is about as good as it gets.

not just eating together but also sharing some cultural and spiritual gifts. we as the hosts were able to invite three alphorn bläser to play their music for us. as well as three women jodeling, even the jodeling women where international, a swiss born, a black woman and an asian. well go search for such diversity! in all that hustle and bustle, it is wonderful to have many helping hands and the weather was perfect.
some of the best moments for me, were definitely with the kids. as the music was sounding and they could be close up to the musicians. when ice creme was served, they were the first ones to run up front for their treat and were just plain thankful.

not much left to say, thank you God.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

How absolutely wonderful!! I wish we could get something like this together in my community. We too are blessed with such diversity. I love it!! Have a beautiful weekend!! : )

~ Wendy