June 11, 2015

'concrete' mini pots

here we go, my little succulent concrete pots are slowly being made and collected and it's all really quick and fun so far.
i use some regular cement powder, mix a bit of sand and water to it. a collection of plastic cups, in a variation of sizes is doing the trick. about three table spoons of 'putti' are ladled in a bigger cup and one of the smaller kinds is being pressed into it. a bit of shaking it all down and wiggling it toward the center of the cup, in order for the concrete to settle without air bubbles.
in most concrete crafting they call for sanding the rim, though i really don't know yet if i want to do this... it's a bit funky and wild this way, and i like it. but we will see at the end. the second batch is right now in the cups. tomorrow i have to make a third batch, and on saturday i will decide on what to do next...
of course there would be lots of options, painting the whole pots, just some funky design, colorful or plain black, maybe some white lines? i'm leaning toward no plaint, maybe some white lines or dots to add some little details to the each pot.
we will see, i keep you posted

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