June 23, 2015

elderflower cordial

it has been on my mind for a while and my plan worked out well. for the weekend scelebration i wanted to serve elderflower cordial. we had a friend live in the house in years past, she made that cordial every early summer season and all of us loved it (uups, no not all, joel doesn't he still has reasons to not like anything with the scent or taste of elderflower).
a week ago i collected a bunch of elder flowers. i tried to pick the flowers which just opened even some of the tiny buds were still closed, but thats fine; these young flowers will have the most scent and therefore give more flavor to the cordial.
in a bucket i mixed 5l water, 500gr sugar, 0.5dl vinegar and one sliced lemon, some good stirring and adding the flowers to it. all of this covered with a cheese cloth, i put it in a sheltered corner with lots of sun. it was not a very sunny and hot week, rather a bit gloomy, which is fine with the cordial, though it will take a bit longer to 'ripen'. somewhere between 3 to 5 days should be fine.
my cordial was standing in the sun and fresh air for 5 days, i stirred it once a day and covered it with the cloth. last friday then, i strained the cordial and bottled it up. it was resting in the fridge until sunday afternoon. when it was served to everyones pleasure.

and yes i will do it again, so little work for such a wonderful tasting and super refreshing summer's drink.

this was one source, besides the recipe i got from my friend.... and feel free to adjust  the way you think it would work.

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