June 19, 2015

the green market

the market has been wonderful for the past few weeks, lots of plants, lots of veggies and lots of berries! it is just so wonderful to go on friday or tuesday mornings, a quick ride into the city. strolling along the high piled tables, radishes, asparagus, all kinds of lettuce, new potatoes and so much more. there is almost no end to the green kind of edibles!

there have been flowers too, peonies and poppies, i got 10 zinnia seedlings to go into my flower bed, hoping the slugs are not eating all of them. we will see time will tell.
of course there is also lots of the green variety  on the table. i love it and will keep getting greens! the kids search for the not so deep green parts on our lunch plates, usually they do find something. like 'grünkernbratlinge' (unripe spelt grain frittatas). the bounty is green, last year it was already in may, when i fell in love with the greenness of the season, here...

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