June 1, 2015

construction ...

i don't want to bore anyone here. though i love to watch construction sites. there is something quiet mighty at those places, tiny people, big machines and lots of interesting action taking place.
today, as every monday i was in the city for thea's violin lesson. though today i had her friend in tow. so i could not just go to the fabric store or yarn store or sit in a cafe for 40 minutes...
we wanted to go for a stroll and got stuck within the first 100 yards. here we are, near the train station and watching from a pedestrian overpass, looking down into the abyss of this construction site. we stayed for quiet some time, just realizing, that we needed to go back to pick up thea!
i do love my city and the construction sites, which i even think are not really needed, take my breath away and make me smile at myself. my city my train station

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