June 24, 2015

stomping on switzerland

how great is this, stomping in lake geneva, just like that!
this map of switzerland in the heart of winterthur in front of the new archhöfe mall. we have to cross the plaza when we go to violin lesson and it has been so much fun to find our house, to follow the river rhine from it's well to basel, where it leaves the country. thea and i spent quiet a bit of time learning geography and it was exciting.
it is so very cool to see this photo, the 3D appearance is astonishing, the snowy mountains are really peaking out, when one looks at them. and i have to say, i do like the shape of switzerland, it's a bit like a little dinosaur.... ha, i guess that's what switzerland really is slow, steady and archaic not in a bad way.

and, about the dinosaur things, we do have a dinosaur museums here too.... even foot prints, here and here and here. we don't have to travel very far, who would have thought so!

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