June 18, 2015

in the garden

this is a bit miss leading. of course we were in the garden while taking the photos. it was very enjoyable, the girls loved to swim in our pool. we put it up 10 days ago, and the kids have been using it almost every day. there is no weather to cold for them. and while they splash and swim and enjoy the water, i sit near by and keep my hands busy. as i realized, reading is really not very easy, with one ear and eye on the kids. but there is a little stitching project in the works. no big plans or very well planned idea, just fun with a few wonderful fabrics from the line; 'liberty of london'. it has been a scrap bag which i got from them and those little pieces are just so very precious.
with the blanket stitch, i'm working the lovely little pieces onto a, not yet defined size of linen. it's great to work the fabric and see the project grow.

it's wonderful summer work. easy to carry around and take out, even on the train. well lets discover it this summer a bit further and enjoy every moment of it.

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