July 20, 2015

her third B'day

it's her birthday!
and that makes it an extended family celebration, which we all enjoyed at the walcheweiher. the little girl turned three and had a blast. her favorite color is yellow, so of course there were yellow presents and yellow decorations on the chocolate cake and her swim tank is yellow and what ever else she could find to wear should of course be yellow...
i like this age, absolutely adorable, already understanding a lot and capable of a little hike with all of us.
the ponds were fun to swim in and at one end there was a rope to swing and jump, of course that was our boys favorite.

we wish you well dear J and love you!
my kids are now all a bit older, so the toddler age is past for my own "little" ones. though that's why i love to be an aunt and that's the fun part, i get to spoil my sister in laws children. and i can tell you, it's fun, and full of joy and smiles...

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Happy birthday to your little one!! Seems like yesterday our Megan was three and now she's five. It goes way too fast, doesn't it??? xo

~ Wendy